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            The Montana EPX

Kevin's Comments,

The EPX is a powerhouse of a speaker! Its stocky shorter build helps to be place it in sensitive rooms. It's larger 5"
d'Apolito style mids give it tube like lushous voices. The compound lounded (4) 10" woofers per side, give it thunderous botoom end! The fifth order enclosure mounts two 10" bellied up right behind the front visable 10" and all are active.

The best Value, World Class speakers available.

The Montana EPX

The EPX is a break-through concept in high-performance loudspeakers. Standing only 44" tall and weighing a mere 150 lbs., this compact design outperforms speakers far larger - and far more expensive. With four 10" woofers, mounted in a vented isobaric chamber tuned at 22 Hz, the EPX produces earth-shaking bass below 20 Hz - eliminating the need for bulky sub woofers.

The EPX isn't just about big bass, of course. It can cast an acoustic image so real you'll feel like you can reach out and touch the musicians. Twin low-mass mid-range drivers in a rigidly built sub-chamber flank a 1" Custom Montana tweeter for the ultimate in output capability, sonic liquidity and top-end sweetness. Steep-slope crossover networks (24dB/octave) with metalized polypropylene capacitors and Monster M1.2S cabling insure maximum power handling and minimum distortion.

No-sweat install: Setup and alignment of the EPX is simple, thanks to the integrated balancing platform with easy-to-adjust outrigger pods. Recessed heavy-duty gold-plated binding posts accept spades, banana plugs, or bare wire, and make hookup to any type of amplifier a breeze.

Available in dozens of real wood veneers or custom finishes (any color available), the EPX is the musical solution for those who want world-class performance without the spatial intrusion of large-size cabinets.

The Montana EPX


  • Dimension (HxWxD): 46"x17"x 19"  
  • Weight: 150 lbs./ea
  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 22KHz
  • Sensitivity: 91db
  • Power Handling: 400W
  • Crossover points 300/3500(Hz)                               
  • 4-10" woofers isobaric venter
  • cabinet
  • Mid range: 2 x 5.25" mid-range
  • Tweeter: 1"
  • Finish: Custom order
  The MONTANA EPX can reproduce an earth-shaking, but remarkably controlled and defined bass response. You will physically be able to feel the sub octaves to below 20 Hz. The EPX utilizes a total of 8 ea. 10" bass drivers a pair, mounted in isobaric chambers, thereby reducing distortion with 50 % in the bass region. The bass reproduction is so unrestrained and so controlled, regardless of dynamic outburst, that you will have to experience it to believe it. The EPX eliminates the need for sub woofers, which generally cause severe integration difficulties. Still, the bass response is very neutral and linear, and never exaggerated. If the recorded material contains little bass, little bass is what you will get. A recording with heavy bass lines will always be reproduced with the correct fundament in the lower frequencies. No loudspeaker with the same price tag offers the same degree of unrestrained, defined and precise sub octave reproduction as the EPX does.  
  In fact, twice as expensive speakers generally cannot compete with the EPX in terms of bass control and definition. Microscopic overtones and undertones from instruments generating low frequent sonic waves will be extremely well pronounced by the EPX' 8 ea. 10" bass drivers, which have approximately the same membrane surface as 4 ea. 15" woofers. A hard strike on a bass drum will hit you with a sonic realism you have hardly experienced before. The EPX stands only 44" tall, but weighs an impressive 150lb's each, indicating an exceptional build quality. The cabinet is extremely stiff. No resonances will ever disturb the musical presentation. Only world-class drivers and components are used. Of course, the MONTANA EPX offers more than just unparalleled bass reproduction. The EPX's brilliant focus and transparency generates a very realistic sound stage, indeed. The custom spec 2 ea. 5,25" Scan Speak mid-range drivers per cabinet of the highest quality are mounted in rigid sub-chambers, flanked by a 1" custom spec Scan Speak Revelator tweeter, ensuring outstanding dynamics and a floating and very present sound reproduction in the mid-range and tweeter section. The MONTANA EPX is very neutral and can reproduce the finest details and the most powerful passages totally unrestrained, no matter which type of music you feed it with.  

The cross-over is a 24 dB per octave design, utilizing only the very best parts available, including metalized polypropylene capacitors. Maximum linearity and a completely seamless musical experience in what you will find if you encounter the MONTANA EPX. It is surprisingly easy to install in a wide variety of different sized rooms. The EPX is the musical solution for those who demand world-class performance at an affordable price, without installing too huge loudspeakers in their living room.

Chuck Bruce, The Audiophile Voice, about the MONTANA EPX: "Truly remarkable!"

"Of course this is what it's all about, the ultimate goal, whether for audiophiles or ordinary music lovers. Placed up against the numerous loudspeakers in the over-$10,000 range, I think that the EPX beats 'em all in low bass giver their price point. Way too many loudspeakers, at way higher prices, are simply outclassed by this loudspeaker. All the while, the EPX presents mid-range and treble faithful to the music without distracting discontinuities. To this fine group of attributes, I tip my hat in sincere respect. Congratulations, Mr. Noerbaek. Indeed, you've got another winning speaker on your hands. Chuck Bruce, The Audiophile Voice, Nov. 2003."           
Choose between over 50 different real wood finishes.        Piano laquer on custom order is also available.