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Type: Trade
Rated: 8/10
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Olympia EB-SA1 Super Amplifier / Black with meters (2 available)
PBN Audio

Retail Price: $15000.00 Your Price: $7500.00

Technical Features Two-Channel All-FET circuit design utilizing a 1500VA transformer 225,000 uF power supply capacitance 130 watts of clean power @ eight Ohm load per channel High-quality onboard regulators in voltage gain section Output stage features: six pairs of closely matched output devices per channel Inputs: Balanced, RCA and 75 Ohm BNC. Outputs: two sets of WBT™ binding posts per channel Amplifier can be bridged into “Differential Mode” to supply close to 450 Watts into an eight Ohm load Requires a fully differential pre-amplifier if used as a mono-block High-quality 20 Amp power cord included Size: 19 W x 9.25” H x 15” D Weight: 95 pounds

Type: Trade
Rated: 7/10

HGS 18" Custom Subwoofer in black (2 available)

Retail Price: $2400.00 Your Price: $1400.00

This Velodyne HGS 18" subwoofer has a NEW Dayton Audio 1000W plate amplifier. It is black in finish and sounds great! ( 2 available) Width 21.3 in Depth 18.5 in Height 23.5 in Weight 115.08 lbs