About pbn audio and Montana Loudspeakers

There’s something genuinely unique about every speaker, turntable, or amplifier Peter Noerbaek creates. For over a quarter of a century he has innovatively conceived, designed, built, and tested each item he sells. He searches out the very best elements—from diodes and transistors to exotic hardwood veneers—and designs fully integrated audio systems. Peter doesn’t just place his logo on the product—he hand signs each one as an original work of art.


In an era of rapid turnover and brief shelf life, many PBN models remain in active production for a decade or longer. PBN’s three generations of Super League speakers date back to 1998 – with some first-generation editions still in demand. Even earlier models such as the EPX and WAS are still sought out by music connoisseurs around the world. The Sound Station carries an enviable inventory of these classic products as well as marketing the newest line-up. Feel free to set up an appointment to audition them in our showroom.

“Perfect is always what you strive for.” It’s Noerbaek’s simple, uncompromised philosophy, demanding a s eemingly impossible standard of performance…

“The truth is always in the experience. To hear is to believe.”


NOTE: GrooveMaster turntables, Montana/Innerchoic speakers, and Olympia/EB-SA components are solely created and manufactured by PBN Audio. Full product warranties are valid only when they are purchased through authorized representatives such as The Sound Station.