GROOVEMASTER Vintage Direct Professional

PBN Audio has searched the globe for the legendary Denon pro players, and has transformed them from the original commercial console mode into unique works of audio art. All Denon parts used in individual Vintage Direct Pro players come from the same unit. With RPM accurate to 1/1000 of a second.

GROOVEMASTER Vintage Direct Series

PBN has dilligently recovered and painstakingly restored the Direct Drive platforms and motors from these highly desired players and used them as the foundation for the GrooveMaster Vintage Direct Series, adding hand-finished hardwood plinths, three steel spiked feet to eliminate vibration, advanced electrolytic capacitors and other sophisticated electronics. There are five models to chose from, each with a unique Denon pedigree.


There’s some indefinably pleasing quality about vinyl that CDs can’t quite measure up to. It’s the warmth … the faint tracking one hears… and, above all, that extra timbre that lends depth to the audio. Noerbaek has perfected all these attributes in the original GrooveMaster. Its two-motor counter-balanced dual drive renders absolute 33.333rpm. Four belts are employed for maximum traction. The solid wood base is honed from three laminated layers of select hardwoods. Lastly, the legendary SME™ 312 twelve-inch audiophile tone arm is installed.There is also a secret detail — the tone arm support… made form the same rare woods used in the bridge of classic violins.