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  • Audience Adept Response Power Conditioner and PowerChord in Silver


    AC-line power conditioner with power-factor correction, RF/noise filtering, transient suppression, and 12 Hubbell high-conductivity power outlets. Current/voltage: 15A or 20A/130V, standard; 220V, 230V, 240V available.
    19″ (483mm) W by 5″ (127mm) H by 9″ (229mm) D. Weight: 15 lbs (6.82kg).

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  • Custom 4 Shelf Audio Stand


    Black Powder Coated Solid Steel 2″ square tubing with 1.5″ square side tubing. 42″ x 28″ x 18″ 100 lbs very solid.

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  • PS Audio – P-300 with Multi Wave II


    AC power regenerator. This is a great way to control your turnable speed and isolate front end equipment. 2 available

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  • PS Audio – P-300 with Multi Wave II


    AC power regenerator. This is a great way to control your turnable speed and isolate front end equipment. 2 available

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  • PS Audio Quintessence AC Power Center in silver


    Type: Electrical power conditioning and distribution with 5 isolated zones.
        * Ten power outlets
        * Two coax
        * One phone jack
        * 12 Volt trigger
    Dimensions: 17 x 16.5 x 4 (WxDxH in inches)
    Weight: 26 lb

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  • Sonic Frontiers – Processor 3 Power Supply


    Power Supply ONLY and cord. 9″ (230mm) W by 4″ (100mm) H by 13″ (330mm) D. 12 regulated low-impedance, ultra-low-noise power supplies spread across this board are fed by a large custom-built toroidal transformer in the upper right corner of the subchassis. The total capacitance of these supplies is around 25,000µF, close to that of some small amplifiers! Seriel number 110166

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  • Lightspeed – Chang CLS 9600 ISO Line Conditioner


    20 AMP Hospital grade Line Conditioner with 4 Level 1 outlets, 2 Level 2 outlets, 4 level 3 outlets. Blue LED’s

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  • Lehmann Audio Black Cube MM/MC Phono Stage


    A cost-effective MC/MM phonostage with an out board power supply.
    Lehmann Audio is a new German HiFi Company with ambitious plans: design and build hi-end level components at an affordable price. Norbert Lehmann, the man behind the project. “The Black Cube has an ugly body and a wonderful heart, all you need to enjoy your LPs for the years to come.”
    It plays and looks great. It’s a Good value unit.

    “Get your hands on the Lehmann Audio Black Cube. I don’t know of anything at or near the price, or maybe even twice the price, that sounds this good.”
    – Michael Fremer, Stereophile

    Input sensitivity:MM MC for output level of 250mV/-10dB 2.2mV/1kHz 210µV/1kHz 755mV/ 0dB 7mV/1 kHz680µV/1kHz 1,55V/ +6dB 14mV/1 kHz 1.35mV/1kHz
    Gain 1kHz 40dB 61dB
    Max. input level: 5.8mV
    S/N-ratio:unweighted (referred to 0dBu) 77dB (69dB)
    CCIR 468-2 referred to 0dBu 75dB 67dB
    Channel deviation: typ. max. 0.5dB
    Channel crosstalk: fx = 1 kHz > 86dB fx = 10 kHz >85dB
    Input impedance: 47kOhms/470 Ohms/100 Ohms switchable on board the audio pcb. One slot for custom impedance on board the audio pcb.
    Input capacitance: 220pF
    Output impedance: < 100 Ohms minimum imp.following stage: >10kOhm
    Dimensions (case only) 114mm x 44mm x108mm
    Power consumption: app. 0.7VA external powersupply (2x15V)

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  • Gefen – EXT-COMPAUD-44424 Component w/Audio Matrix


    Like New with Remote Control, four long sets of A/V cables, Outboard 24V Power Supply and complete factory packing and box. Features: • Switch easily between any four component/audio sources • Distributes up to four video inputs to any four remote displays • Maintains sharp HDTV resolutions up to 1080i • Local selection from the front panel • RS-232 Serial interface for remote control via a computer or control automation systems • IR Sensor • Rack -mountable Specifications*: • Video Amplifier Bandwith: 350 MHz • Input Video Signal: 1.2 V p-p • Video Resolution: 1080i • Video Connector: RCA-style RGB x 3 • Analog Audio Connector: RCA-style L + R (Stereo) • Digital Audio Connector: S/PDIF Coax. • Remote Control Port: RS232 female • Power Supply: 24V DC • Power Consumption: 60 W (max.) • Dimensions: 17.1″W x 1.8″H x 4.4″D The 4×4 Component w/Audio Matrix offers unprecedented\r\nflexibility and convenience by routing high definition video and analog/ S/PDIF digital audio from any of the four sources to any four local displays and audio reproduction equipment, eliminating the need to disconnect/reconnect sources or displays. HDTV\r\nsignals are supported up to a resolution of 1080i. The 4×4\r\nComponent w/Audio Matrix works with any component video\r\nsource including DVD players, cable boxes, and satellite set-top boxes that connect to a component display. Every source is accessible at all times, by any display, by selecting it with the IR remote or RS-232 smart control devices.Features\r\nMaintains sharp HDTV resolutions up to 1080i\r\nDistributes up to four video inputs to any four remote displays\r\nIR Sensor\r\nLocal selection from the front panel\r\nRack -mountable\r\nRS-232 Serial interface for remote control via a computer.

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  • Wadia – 170i Transport in Black


    iPod docking cradle that can access the digital signal before it had passed through the player’s own D/A converter, many audiopundits were surprised. I was disbelieving, and nearly told Wadia’s John Schaffer that he was shining me on. After all, Apple has tiptoed around the whole issue of consumers being able to digitally copy their iTunes files, going so far as to wrap its iTunes Music Store files in digital rights management (DRM) code.

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