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  • Sumiko Pro-Ject 2-Xperience Mahogany turntable w/ Grado Reference Cartridge


    The Xperience Classic is a gorgeous turntable with high performance to match, setting a new standard of performance in this range. Every element of the Xperience was chosen to ride the fine line of excellent sound quality and elegant aesthetic, providing an unparalleled listening experience.

    The 4.4Lb MDF platter is both massive and non-resonant and topped with Pro-Ject’s proprietary vinyl surface derived from melted down LPs. The platter is mated to a very low-noise spindle made from chrome-plated stainless steel which rests on a super-slick Teflon bearing plate with a durable bronze bearing housing. The thick MDF plinth is isolated from external noise via three height-adjustable Sorbothane damped aluminum cone shaped feet. Pro-ject created a new motor mount design for the Xperience Classic, the super-quiet motor is decoupled from the plinth eliminating unwanted vibration and resonance

    The super-sexy carbon fiber Pro-Ject 9cc tonearm is a very unique arm created entirely from carbon fiber from the pivot point forward. This design eliminates micro-vibration allowing the arm to retrieve more detail and improving rhythm and pacing. The 9cc uses an inverted thrust bearing for superior linearity, hardened stainless points rest in ultra-smooth sapphire thrust pads for minimal friction. The 9cc offers easy VTA, Azimuth and overhang adjustments and like all Pro-Ject top-line tonearms features detachable RCA cables.

    Detachable dust-cover is included.


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  • Lehmann Audio Black Cube MM/MC Phono Stage


    A cost-effective MC/MM phonostage with an out board power supply.
    Lehmann Audio is a new German HiFi Company with ambitious plans: design and build hi-end level components at an affordable price. Norbert Lehmann, the man behind the project. “The Black Cube has an ugly body and a wonderful heart, all you need to enjoy your LPs for the years to come.”
    It plays and looks great. It’s a Good value unit.

    “Get your hands on the Lehmann Audio Black Cube. I don’t know of anything at or near the price, or maybe even twice the price, that sounds this good.”
    – Michael Fremer, Stereophile

    Input sensitivity:MM MC for output level of 250mV/-10dB 2.2mV/1kHz 210µV/1kHz 755mV/ 0dB 7mV/1 kHz680µV/1kHz 1,55V/ +6dB 14mV/1 kHz 1.35mV/1kHz
    Gain 1kHz 40dB 61dB
    Max. input level: 5.8mV
    S/N-ratio:unweighted (referred to 0dBu) 77dB (69dB)
    CCIR 468-2 referred to 0dBu 75dB 67dB
    Channel deviation: typ. max. 0.5dB
    Channel crosstalk: fx = 1 kHz > 86dB fx = 10 kHz >85dB
    Input impedance: 47kOhms/470 Ohms/100 Ohms switchable on board the audio pcb. One slot for custom impedance on board the audio pcb.
    Input capacitance: 220pF
    Output impedance: < 100 Ohms minimum imp.following stage: >10kOhm
    Dimensions (case only) 114mm x 44mm x108mm
    Power consumption: app. 0.7VA external powersupply (2x15V)

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  • Pioneer PL-400 Quartz PLL Direct Drive Turntable w/ NEW Ortofon OM-10 super cartridge


    This Direct Drive Turntable is in good condition and performs well on the bench. It sounds and looks good. It’s cover has minor scratches and clouding. New / Never used Ortofon OM-10 Supper Cartridge / set up.

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  • Parasound Zphono in Black NEW


    MM / MC phono preamplifier with polarity switch

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