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    PBN Audio DP-80 Pro Turntable in Walnut w/Ortofon Cadenza Black and SME 4.5 arm. 1 year old!



     This unit was delivered by PBN / Sound Station and was in light use for only one year. It was replaced by the upgrade PBN-DN308.

    Again only handled by PBN Sound Station. It comes with an Ortofon Cadenza Black Cartridge and a SME 4.5 arm.

    The PBN-DN80 is a more compact companion to the PBN-DN308.  It boasts the same extraordinary prowess and refined electronics. Both models are fully recalibrated to all the original specifications. The motor and platter are from the original, as are some of the console elements. It is in a custom-finished Walnut finish chassis. Everything is tested and retested for peak performance. Each of these superb turntables has its own unique history, and we share that when we have good information. 

    • Specifications PBN-DP80
    • Speeds 33.333 and 45.000rpm @ 0.002%
    • Bi-directional Servo Speed Control System
    • 2” Ball Bearing Vibration Control Footers
    • Up to 2 10” tonearms can be mounted
    • Dimensions: 19.25” W x 15.25” D by 7.75” H (to top of platter)
    • Weight: Approx. 55 Lbs.
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    Balanced Audio Technologies B.A.T. VK-P10 SE Fully Ballanced Tube Reference Phono Preamplifier


    BAT VK-P10SE Tube Phono Preamplifier / Special Edition
    The Path to the Ultimate in Analog Fidelity: Completely Revised First Gain Stage, Reconfigured Output Stage, Upgraded Power Supply, Flying RIAA Network
    Ten-Tube Fully Balanced Design Offers Unfettered Dynamic Ease, Grand Sense of Scale, Unbelievable Drive and Transparency
    The BAT VK-P10SE turns otherwise ordinary listening experiences into musical events. Made for listeners with the requisite turntable and cartridge combinations, this is a musical instrument of the highest class—a component that will honestly change the way you perceive what resides in your records’ grooves. Guaranteed. Its ten-tube, zero-feedback design and dual-mono construction help place the VK-P10SE on a pedestal approached by a select few high-end components and surpassed by none.
    Serious Enhancements Result in Serious Sound
A Special Edition version of BAT’s renowned VK-P10 phonostage, the VK-P10SE incorporates numerous engineering improvements to offer greater information retrieval and supreme musical presentation. The first gain stage is completely revised to provide a substantially lower noise floor. In addition, the reconfigured output stage incorporates four high-gain 6C45 tubes. They provide high-current and low-output impedance, establishing a superb level of drive and transparency. These enhancements result in a phonostage with improved silence in the quietest musical passages, unfettered dynamic ease, and grand sense of scale. Fully balanced, the VK-10SE achieves the best-possible performance when the phono cartridge is used in a matching balanced configuration.
    Upgraded Power Supply, Extensive Flexibility, Dual SIX-PAKs
The VK-P10SE boasts an all-tube zero-feedback design that combines the benefits of balanced operation with complementary vacuum-tube current sources. Dual-mono construction and enormous energy reserves are matched by extensive flexibility in cartridge loading. The first gain stage achieves a very low noise floor via premium Vishay Bulk FoilTM resistors that replace metal film resistors in critical areas. An upgraded power supply and dual SIX-PAKs of paper-in-oil output capacitors contribute more responsive, visceral bass. Vacuum-tube current sources further improve the linearity and yield a more open, textured sound. Here, dual 6SN7 vacuum tubes act as current sources for the second gain stage.
    Flying RIAA Network Means You Hear LPs as Engineer Intended
The VK-P10SE employs a differential RIAA network, permitting ease of adjustment and improved common mode noise rejection. Completely passive, this circuit has fewer components than a more traditional implementation. Such benefits translate into improved matching of the RIAA curve to specification. With the Flying RIAA network, you can be assured that all of your records sound the way that the recording engineer intended. And the VK-P10SE’s second-generation step-up transformers provide as much as a 20db improvement in signal-to-noise ratio in comparison to direct mode operation. With up to 80dB of gain available, there is no signal too small. Analog bliss awaits.


    Inputs: XLR Yes
    RCA Yes
    Outputs: XLR
    Gain @ 1kHz:
       Direct-low position: 44 dB
       Direct-high position: 59 dB
       Step-up low: 64 dB
       Step-up high: 79 dB
    Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted referenced to 1mV):
       Direct-low position 75 dB
       Direct-high position 78 dB
       Step-up high: 86 dB
    Resistance: 100 to 47 k ohm
    Capacitance: 100 pF to 1000 µF
    Polarity selectable inverting/non-inverting: Yes
    Power supply energy storage: 200 joules
    Power consumption-maximum: 150 VA
    Dimensions: (W x H x D): 19″ x 5.75″ x 15.5″
    Weight-unpackaged: 40 lbs.

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    Lehmann Audio Black Cube MM/MC Phono Stage


    A cost-effective MC/MM phonostage with an out board power supply.
    Lehmann Audio is a new German HiFi Company with ambitious plans: design and build hi-end level components at an affordable price. Norbert Lehmann, the man behind the project. “The Black Cube has an ugly body and a wonderful heart, all you need to enjoy your LPs for the years to come.”
    It plays and looks great. It’s a Good value unit.

    “Get your hands on the Lehmann Audio Black Cube. I don’t know of anything at or near the price, or maybe even twice the price, that sounds this good.”
    – Michael Fremer, Stereophile

    Input sensitivity:MM MC for output level of 250mV/-10dB 2.2mV/1kHz 210µV/1kHz 755mV/ 0dB 7mV/1 kHz680µV/1kHz 1,55V/ +6dB 14mV/1 kHz 1.35mV/1kHz
    Gain 1kHz 40dB 61dB
    Max. input level: 5.8mV
    S/N-ratio:unweighted (referred to 0dBu) 77dB (69dB)
    CCIR 468-2 referred to 0dBu 75dB 67dB
    Channel deviation: typ. max. 0.5dB
    Channel crosstalk: fx = 1 kHz > 86dB fx = 10 kHz >85dB
    Input impedance: 47kOhms/470 Ohms/100 Ohms switchable on board the audio pcb. One slot for custom impedance on board the audio pcb.
    Input capacitance: 220pF
    Output impedance: < 100 Ohms minimum imp.following stage: >10kOhm
    Dimensions (case only) 114mm x 44mm x108mm
    Power consumption: app. 0.7VA external powersupply (2x15V)

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