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  • Tyler Acoustics PD90 Tower Speakers in Kewazinga finish


    PD90’s in premium Kewazinga and in very nice conditionRear ported, Drivers: 2 – 15″ woofers, 2 -10″ mids and 1 – horn tweeter, Freqency Response: 36-20k, Sensitivity: 101db, Impedance: 4 ohms, Power: 1-600wpc, Size: 20 x 16 x 71, Weight: 250 lbs each.  Local pick up only.                                                     

    List $7800.00  only $2500!

    Custom PD90C Center Channel 2 10″ and horn. (matching drivers) above PLUS double 15″ woofers.  $3900 List for FREE!   



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  • Anthem Statement A5 Black 5 Channel Amplifier 265w X 5 @ 4 ohms w/ XLR inputs


    This is a very clean Anthem Statement A5 Multi-Channel Amplifier that works  and sounds great!

    …amplifiers are the cornerstone of your entire system and once you go with separates, they are an investment you can enjoy for decades if you so choose. It is through that lens that one has to evaluate a product like the Anthem Statement A5. There’s no mistaking Anthem makes high dollar, bulletproof gear no matter what they are building. In the case of the Statement A5, Anthem has delivered a product that while expensive, is worth every penny. For anyone looking for a truly superb all around performer that can go toe to toe with the best two channel digital amps while still functioning as the foundation of a high SPL no-compromise home theater, the Anthem Statement A5 deserves to be right at the top of your short list. Highly Recommended.—Dave Upton, Home Theater Forum
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  • Anthem Statement D2v Preamp Processor in Black with room Correction Excellent!


    This unit is in great shape and work perfectly. One owner 

    The Anthem D2v is one of the most popular AV preamps in the high-end world and for good reason. It has tons of inputs, offers Anthem’s own ARC room correction and plenty or flexibility. Read Andrew Robinson’s full review here.

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  • Anthem – LTX 500 LCOS Projector in Excellent Condition and what a buy!!!


    HTR Product Rating for Anthem LTX 500 LCOS Projector Performance ***** Value ***** Overall ***** the LTX 500 is a phenomenal projector capable of running circles around the competition. With a retail price just shy of $7,500 the LTX 500 isn’t the most affordable projector out there, however it is one of the best and must be viewed and considered competition for projectors retailing for as much as $25,000. If the LTX 500’s price tag is just out of reach there is always the LTX 300, which gives up little to its big brother in terms of performance yet shaves a cool $2,000 off the asking price. I adore the LTX 500 and will not allow it to leave my home for I cannot fathom viewing anything, television or film, without it. “HOME THEATER REVIEW” This unit work well and has a great picture quality. It’s timer shows 1489 total hours. I do not know how many hour on this bulb. 

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