Acoustic Zen Absolute Silver 1M XLR Interconnects


The Absolute Interconnect consists of 20 AWG Zero Crystal pure silver hand crafted in a flexible “twist array”.  These revolutionary cables are insulted against any noise induction by the best dielectric isolation material ever applied to cable productions: hollow core foam Teflon tubing symmetrically configured to Acoustic Zen’s “Constant Air Twist” geometry. 

The result is heightened signal sensitivity, lower background noise, more accurate harmonic complexity, and the lowest measured cable capacitance ever created: 6.1 Pico Farads/ft.  The double shielded twist geometry- drawing upon air inducted Teflon foam and intermediary end to end air insulation, achieve astonishing objective measurements: inductance of 0.02 uH/ft and resistance of 0.006 ohm/ft.

The listening enhancement is instantly obvious: dramatically heightened sonic clarity, wider staging, and undeniable acoustic relaxation.  Acoustic Zen’s state of the art interconnects are available in single-ended and balanced lengths between one-half and three meters.


Type: Trade
Condition: 9/10 — Excellent. Very light use, in mint condition.
Includes: Factory case