AudioQuest Castle Rock 3M pr Bi-Wired Speaker Cables dbs 72v


Castle Rock is designed as an extremely high-performance cable which provides true Double-BiWire performance in a single attractive cable. Original Gibraltars all important basics superior geometry, magnetic autonomy of each quad-conductor section, Perfect-Surface metal technology, conductor-size optimization (AQs Spread-Spectrum Technology), etc. are the fundamentals of Castle Rock. Castle Rock employs AQs best copper conductor metal (Perfect-Surface Copper+), AudioQuests DBS (Dielectric-Bias System) and NDS (Noise-Dissipation System).

MetalSolid Perfect Surface Copper+
GeometryDouble Star Quad
DielectricFoamed Polyethylene (For All Purpose Conductors)
Noise Dissipation SystemMulti Layer Carbon Based Noise and Crosstalk Dissipation System
JacketBlack/Brown Braid
Standard Plug1000 Series Bananas

Type: Trade
Condition: 9/10 — Excellent. Very light use, in mint condition.