Bel Canto – C5i Integrated Preamp Amplifier w/ phono, digital inputs USB and remote

$1,900.00 $850.00

The C5i is powered by B&O ICEpower and gets a single 125ASX2 module. The Danes rate its S/N ratio at an impressive 117dB A-weighted. Given its 60/120wpc 8/4Ω rating, this amplifier module is surprisingly compact – all of 16 x 8 x 3.5cm. For D/A conversion the C5i relies on a 24/192 Wolfson WM8740, for its 24/96 USB 1.1 input on a Texas Instruments TAS1020B transceiver, for asynchronous sample rate conversion on a BurrBrown/TI 4382. For the line-level and phono inputs there’s also a dual-bit delta-sigma 216kHz AKM5386 A/D converter. This conversion of analog signal points at exclusively digital-domain volume control—in 200 x 0.5dB steps.

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Type: Trade
Condition: 8/10 — Very Good. Perfect Front
Includes: box, manual, remote
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