Linn Sondek – Kairn Preamplifier with Phono & remote in Black

$3,850.00 $850.00

Width 320mm Depth 326mm Height 80mm Weight 4.3kg Inputs Sensitivities for 0.7 V rms output at 1kHz maximum volume, output load 2 kilohms Minimum load on line outputs 1 kilohms total. Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Cartridges MM : Sensitivity – 2mV rms Load – 47 kilohms/ 68pF MC : Sensitivity – 130uV rms Load – 150 ohms/4.7nF Tuner/CD/Aux/Tape Inputs Sensitivity – 188mV rms Load – 24 kilohms Outputs Line outputs Minimum load 1 kilohms. Output impedance 100 ohms Tape outputs Tape output = auxiliary input level (unity gain) 1 kilohms output impedance. Minimum load 5 kilohms Matrix Output For 188mV rms output at 1 kHz, 100ohms output impedance. Minimum load 5 kilohms Mains Suply / Fuse 100/T2A, 120V/T2A, 220V/T1A, 240V/T1A antisurge Power Consumption Display off – 13 Watts Display on – 16 Watts maximum


Type: Trade
Condition: 8/10 — Very Good.
Includes: Remote and AC power cord