Montana – KAS Loudspeakers w/ midrange upgrades in Rosewood

$28,500.00 $6,800.00

Like a fine automobile or purebred racehorse, the KAS exhibits the optimum combination of speed, power and beauty. The massive 6″-tall vented enclosure houses a four-way, seven-driver array consisting of two 12″ woofers, two 7″ mid-woofers, two 4″ Kevlar midrange drivers, and a 1″ Montana ScanSpeak Revelator tweeter. With a frequency response reaching to the lower limits of the audio range, the KAS is capable of effortless and visceral bass. Its midrange is as clear as pure mountain air; its top end as effervescent as the finest champagne. The KAS is the choice for both music lovers and movie fans who want to hear and feel everything in every recorded performance. Crossover points are 80Hz, 500Hz and 4kHz; bi-wiring will help extract the utmost from this amazing work of art and science. Each KAS weighs 380 lbs. Recommended application is in ground-floor residential installations, or in commercial-grade structures. The KAS offers extraordinary performance at an accessible price. Frequency Range: 20Hz – 22kHz Sensitivity: (dB/2.83V@1m) – 93 Power Handling: 800W Crossover Points (Hz): 80/500/4000 Woofers: 2 ea. 12″ / 2 ea. 7″ Mid-Range: 2 ea. 4″ (new upgraded models) Tweeter: 1″ Montana Revelator Size (H x W x D): 70″ x 20″ x 23″ Weight: 380 lbs.


Type: Trade
Condition: 8/10 — Very Good.
Includes: Spikes