Montana – PBN Montana DD-12 for Paul Stooky Concert at C.E.S. 2012


The PBN Audio Model DD-12 was a collaboration between Peter Noerbaek (PBN Audio), Dean Rivera a 25 Year Veteran of JBL, Cary Audio Design and T.H.E. Show in association with Neworld Multimedia Entertainment. The speaker was debuted at the 2012 CES / T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas for the Paul Stookey Concert of Peter, Paul and Mary fame. The sound was excellent! A pair of speakers like these are hard to believe. Even on a basic system, these speakers are beyond almost any extreme high end speaker I have heard. Even in a large room, these will blow your doors off. The only way to truly understand these are to hear them. These beauties sound amazing, very neutral to source, fast, with great bass and amazing vocals via the horn. The Horn lens is custom made for the DD12 and is fitted with a JBL 2435HPL Beryllium Compression driver. The DD12 is a true 25Hz transmission line (11.4ft long) with two 12″ woofers scooping into a common line, the line has a completely linear and smooth taper from 120% of SD to 20% of SD, textbook and beyond 😉 The woofers are fitted with Neodymium magnets in place of the more common ferrite magnet structures. They were custom designed and made for PBN audio by dB design (Dean Rivera from JBL). The cabinet construction is extremely complex and very expensive and time consuming to produce (see photo of the inside). These are high sensitivity speakers which can play very loud even with small tube amps or small solid state amps yet still can handle up to 450 watts each. To produce this speaker again would be far in excess of the original retail price of $25,000 Frequency Response (-6dB): 35Hz – 16kHz Power handling: 450 watts Impedance: 6 Ohm Dual 12-inch woofer with 80 x 60 Horn Transmission Line design Single wire with standard 5 way post. 20”w x 30”d x 58”h. 265 lbs each


Type: Trade
Condition: 8/10 — Very Good.