PBN Audio EBSA-2 WORLD CLASS Stereo “Classe A” Amplifier 1 year old – Like NEW


  • This unit was in a system for 1 year and then replace with the EBSA3 Mono Blocks.
  • Power Output 650 WPC, both channels driven into a 8 Ohm load @ less than 0.1 % THD
  • ower Output 1200 WPC, both channels driven into a 4 Ohm load @ less than 0.1 % THD
  • Power transformer 4000 VA
  • Power Supply capacitance 800000 uF
  • Signal to noise ratio 110dB
  • Gain 32 dB
  • Inputs: Balanced (3K3 Ohm) and PBN proprietary 75 Ohm BNC (Must be driven by a fully balanced pre-amplifier)
  • Power Consumption at idle 550W in high bias, 275W in low bias
  • Outputs: 2 set WBT 763, 5-way binding posts per channel
  • Size: 19″ W x 15.5″ H x 16.25″D
  • Weight: 165 Lbs


The coiled lightning of the EB-SA series redefines the term “amplifier”

The only way to insure meeting the highest standard for PBN’s audio systems was to engineer and build our own amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. The carefully integrated audio components work together seamlessly to create a synergy of excellence. A defining, inflexible tenet followed for each element – every diode, every capacitor – is to insist on the best, without exception.

The result: The now complete EB-SA series, a trio of PBN components that redefine the term “amplifier”. (The “EB” is an homage to Erno Borbely, the legendary Norwegian-Hungarian sound engineer who collaborated closely with Noerbaek on the earlier forms of the series.) The precisely balanced electronic network of each EB-SA amp provides the right pulse of energy at each point of need. The entire system hovers with nearly unlimited power to breathe life into every sound, no matter how delicate or subdued—or to unleash the full potential of any crescendo. EB-SA soundscapes are unbelievably immaculate; there is no “noise”…only deep, pure, gorgeous sound.


Type: Trade
Condition: 9/10 — Excellent. Very light use, in mint condition.
Includes: 20A Power Cord
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