PBN Audio Montana EPX in Exotic Zebrawood Finish


The MONTANA EPX is an innovative construction that crosses the boundaries for high-end loudspeaker performance in the current price range and far above. The extremely compact and robust design of the MONTANA EPX outclasses much bigger and much more costly loudspeakers. Without reservatioan, HighEnd claims that no other loudspeaker at this price level can compete with the EPX as far as overall performance, construction quality and component quality is concerned.

Dimensions: H46″ x W17″ x D19″
Frequency range: 20 Hz – 22000 Hz
Sensitivity: 91 dB/2.83V/1 m
Power handling: 400 W
Cross-over: 300 / 3500 Hz
Finish: Custom order
Weight: 182 kg a pair
Woofers: 4×10″ Mid range: 2×5,25″ Tweeter: 1×1

The EPX stands only 44″ tall

“Chuck Bruce, The Audiophile Voice, about the MONTANA EPX: “Truly remarkable!”

“Of course this is what it’s all about, the ultimate goal, whether for audiophiles or ordinary music lovers. Placed up against the numerous loudspeakers in the over-$10,000 range, I think that the EPX beats ’em all in low bass giver their price point. Way too many loudspeakers, at way higher prices, are simply outclassed by this loudspeaker. All the while, the EPX presents midrange and treble faithful to the music without distracting discontinuities. To this fine group of attributes, I tip my hat in sincere respect. Congratulations, Mr. Noerbaek. Indeed, you’ve got another winning speaker on your hands. Chuck Bruce, The Audiophile Voice”



Type: Trade in
Condition: 8+/10 — Very Good. Perfect Front, clean all over
Includes: Spikes and footers