PBN Audio Montana Liberty Innerchoic Loudspeaker in Rosewood


This pair of Liberty’s have two small spots in the lacquer from a picture sitting on top. Crates can be ordered from PBN for shipping.

The Liberty is a medium sized speaker with a gianormous sound. Their conclusion: “…the purest, most defined and extended sound that is currently available.” This is no accident — it’s innovative engineering at it’s best. We call it our “innerchoic” design. That is, the sound baffles are an integral part of the interior walls. This multilayered egg-crate construction naturally absorbs unwanted reflective sound waves. Ultimately it’s about audio purity, the holy grail of every speaker engineer. This is what your critical ears deserve. This is what the Liberty delivers.

Technical Features

  • Two 8” anodized aluminum cone woofers
  • One 6” reed-fiber mid-range driver
  • Proprietary foam surrounds, coated on opposing sides
  • One 1” gold-plated titanium tweeter with defraction felt on faceplate. In the high-frequency section of crossover, special care has been taken to eliminate the 25kHz resonance found in all titanium tweeters.
  • Comes complete with PBN’s proprietary 24db per octave acoustical Linkwitz-Riley crossover slopes. Plus, there are seven precision hand-wound inductors.
  • Five high-grade polypropylene film capacitors in the high-frequency section of the crossover


  • Dimensions (H X W X D): 43” x 14” x 17”
  • Weight: 180lbs



Type: Trade
Condition: 8/10 — Very Good. Perfect Front, Flaws elsewhere.
Includes: Spike Footers
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