PBN Audio – Olympia EB-SA1 Super Amplifier / Black with meters (2 available)


Inspired by Erno Borbely, consider the EB-SA1 the culmination in a continual evolution of efficiently-sized, optimal-performance amplifiers. Dimension-for-dimension, watt-for-watt, it simply does not get any better than this! With over 130 clean watts of power and an output stage that supports six pairs of devices per channel, this is the mightiest small amplifier in today’s marketplace. In total, 95 pounds of high-octane audio power just waiting to be unleashed on your system. Consider this amplifier your ultimate audio destiny—for you will hear what you’ve never heard before—The holy grail of audio nirvana.
• Two-Channel All-FET circuit design utilizing a 1500VA transformer
• 225,000 uF power supply capacitance
• 130 watts of clean power @ eight Ohm load per channel
• High-quality onboard regulators in voltage gain section
• Output stage features: six pairs of closely matched output devices x2
• Inputs: Balanced, RCA and 75 Ohm BNC.  WBT: binding posts x 8
• Amplifier can be bridged in Differential Mode: 450 Watts into an eight Ohm
• Requires a fully differential pre-amplifier if used as a mono-block
• High-quality 20 Amp power cord included
• Size: 19″ W x 9.25″ H x 15″ D
• Weight: 95 pounds

Type: Trade
Condition: 8/10 — Very Good.
Includes: Power Cord