PBN Audio Olympia LX Preamplifier w/ Large Power Supply & NEW Volume / Display & ground updates in Silver


The Olympia-LX preamp is an all-FET design with an external full size CPS power supply (18.5″W x 4.25″H x 14.25″D) that has a (2) 375VA transformer with 80,000µF of capacitance. The main transformer features quad secondary windings and HEXFRED diodes for rectification. A proprietary, military-grade, 14-conductor connector of 16-gauge Teflon-sheathed silver wire — a serious umbilical — joins the power supply to the preamp proper, which measures 18.5″W x 4.25″H x 14.5″D. This main unit houses four independent regulators and provides 20dB of gain. The Olympia-L’s front panel has a blue LED indicator light, a sensor for the remote control, a NEW updated digital volume control (63 steps). A  source selector (two Aux, one CD, two balanced). All controls are clearly labeled in white silk-screened letters, demonstrating what Noerbaek calls his “function without frills” approach to exterior design. All can be adjusted manually, but the small metal remote is far more handy for setting volume and mute. On the Olympia-LX’s rear panel are three balanced inputs, two RCA inputs, and balanced, RCA, and the four BNC outputs for the proprietary interconnect system — which, of course, is impedance-matched at 75 ohms.


Type: Trade in with updates
Condition: 8/10 — Very Good.
Includes: Power Supply, Connecting Cable, Power Cord and remote.