VPI – 19 MKIII black w/ Eminent Technology II arm & Benz Ruby H cartridge

$7,750.00 $3,200.00

This is a VPI 19 MK III with cover in black. The arm is an Eminent Technology II Linear tracking arm. It comes with the arm board, record clamp and silicon glide bath tray. It has the large air tank, commercial pump and tubing w/filter. The Cartridge is a Benz Micro Ruby H with low hours and sounds great. The set up is not hard, its about setting the level on the arm for zero travel (level). List on the VPI 19 MkIII is $1250 List on the E.T. II w/acc is $3000 List on the Benz Ruby H is $3500 S.N. 3403


Type: Trade
Condition: 8/10 — Very Good.
Includes: Box, Manual, ET ARM, Air Pump and Tank. Benz Ruby H Cartridge